Videos are the next 'big thing' on social media 📹. No surprise that many marketing departments decide to include videos in their content strategy.

Annual spend on social video

Lucky us; the internet is full of tips to get the most out of our videos. But if you ask me; one of the most important ones is always missing.. (and let me know if I'm wrong😉). I'm talking about subtitling your video. I know what you think: is this really so important?

Adding subtitles to your video is really important

So before I will tell you exactly how to subtitle your video automatically within 3 minutes, I will tell you the 6 most important reasons WHY subtitling your video is so important (+ real facts and numbers).

  1. Reach people who watch videos without sound
  2. Reach a Wider Audience
  3. Increase your SEO rankings
  4. Increase Viewing Time
  5. Increase User Engagement
  6. Payless on advertising costs

Disclaimer: I know. People probably don't 'forget' to add subs, but they simply think it is way too much work to add. Which is true if you're doing this manually. The good thing is, with VidProve it can be done automatically these days - in less than 3 minutes. Later in the blog I will show you how 🤘.

6 Reasons why you need to subtitle your video

Okay. Ready to dive into the deep? Here we go 🚀.

1. With subtitles, you reach people who watch videos without sound

It’s a proven fact that over 80% of social media users watching videos without sound. I know, this is A LOT! But when you think of all the people who travel by public transport, want to look up something quickly at work or are in other busy places (without earplugs with them), then this is quite understandable.

My point is clear. If you do not add subtitles to your videos, then you miss quite a few potential viewers, leads, and ultimately customers, because they simply don't hear what you say.

Reach a wider audience by adding subtitles to your video

2. You reach a wider audience when adding subtitles to your video

Adding subtitles and captions to your videos ensures that you can reach audiences well beyond your chosen country or region. Most large companies have now adapted their videos to have a full complement of the most common languages subtitled. This is an attempt to try and get their products in front of new audiences to expand their global reach.

3. Adding subtitles to videos improves SEO rankings

Not only do video transcripts make your videos more accessible to a larger audience, but they also make your videos more scrapable by search bots since there’s additional text on the page. What does this mean? That search engine sees the subtitles of your video as text on your page. This way you can increase your ranking in Google and other search engines.

Adding subtitles to your video is good for SEO

4. Adding subtitles to your videos increases viewing time by 40%

According to this research and other researches from various social media sites, videos that are viewed with subtitles are proven to increase viewing time by 40%. It appears that if you can get your audience to read through your video this can make it more engaging for the viewer and therefore more likely to get to the end of your video.

5. Adding subtitles to videos increases user engagement

If you're a Content Manager, Social Media Manager or Growth Hacker, you know how important user engagement is. The more engagement on your posts, the more people you reach and the more social proof you get.

Facts about adding subtitles to video

6. Payless on advertising costs

Facebook gives a higher quality score to ads with high engagement (likes, reactions shares, clicks). A higher quality score means that you pay less per view. Facebook gives this score so that people only see advertisements that suit them well.

Of course Facebook does this for a reason. The more daily Facebook users, the more Facebook earns. Because the more daily users, the more ads Facebook can show. So Facebook benefits from users that are coming back to their platform. And they try to do this that by keeping it interesting for you.

How to subtitle your video?

Simple! Subtitle your video automatically with our free online subtitle editor. Easily make adjustments to the subtitles, to make sure your video is 100% on point. Go to and check it out.